Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Turning Pro?

I have been in discussion with a photographic agency specialising in flower images this week.  They are interested in my work and I will be submitting a selection of photographs for their appraisal early next month.  The process has made me re-evaluate what I do, and it's clear that I have to focus hard on making pictures that are of the best quality, that are a distillation of my style and vision. 
Whether what I produce will appeal to the picture editors of magazines and big companies I don't know as yet - I just know that average images will not suffice, and that more effort has to go into each and every one.  The photos today are the result of a session with these factors very much in mind, with every aspect considered far more carefully than if these were simply for my own benefit.


  1. Paul,
    I assumed you were a pro! Your style and vision are perfect in my humble opinion.

  2. Many thanks for your vote of confidence! Glad you like the work.

  3. Fantastic news Paul, well done you!

    Looking forward to hearing about the journey to professional.

    And as Michael says your work is already highly professional

  4. Many thanks for your kind comments, both!