Wednesday, 10 February 2010


With the snowdrops in bloom (see last posting) the mood in gardens in temperate Britain is lightening. Today, after what feels like weeks of overcast grey sky, there is blue to be seen, and weak sunlight to enjoy. It won't be long before we see some real action in the form of narcissi, early tulips, bluebells - and before we know it we'll be into the fully-realised delights of early summer in England. The meadow, with fritillaries and ox-eye daisies was photographed in latest spring last year. Anticipation is everything - enjoy the delicious moment now...


  1. Dear Paul, This is indeed a delicious moment to enjoy and what a joyous image to accompany this thought.

    The fritillaries are, I believe, at their best when grown as you picture them. So much more satisfactory, and to their liking, than dotted in a border.

  2. You have a wonderful gardening blog and I enjoyed the visit.
    I noticed that Oxford College of Garden Design is offering an online program. Since you are familiar with the college...(if you don't mind me asking) what are your thoughts about that program?
    Thanks, Amy
    Go Away, I'm Gardening!

  3. Hi Amy - the OCGD online course starts in September. I was talking to the principal, Duncan Heather yesterday, and interest in the course is building since it was announced a couple of weeks ago. The year long diploma is very intense indeed - a lot of work, and very challenging, but you learn a huge amount, and are very well-qualified when you finish. I think the on-line diploma can be carried out over two years, but you'd need to check that with the college. They are going to use conferencing software to allow on-line students to particiate in lectures on-site at St Hugh's College Oxford, where they will be based form September, and each student will have a dedicated tutor/mentor. It sounds exciting if you are unable to be here in person...

  4. Thank you so much for the information. I definitely cannot be there in person. So, it might be a great opportunity. :) Thanks! I enjoyed your latest post, as well.